Lester, Richard T

Participation in a mobile health intervention trial to improve retention in HIV care: does gender matter?

Publication Date: 
Apr 15, 2016

To be consistent with the United Nations' sustainable development goals on gender equality, mobile health (mHealth) programmes should aim to use communications technology to promote the empowerment of women.

Recent Evidence for Emerging Digital Technologies to Support Global HIV Engagement in Care.

Journal Title: 
Publication Date: 
Nov 11, 2015

Antiretroviral therapy is a powerful tool to reduce morbidity and mortality for the 35 million people living with HIV globally.

Mobile health applications for HIV prevention and care in Africa.

Publication Date: 
Oct 09, 2015

PURPOSE OF REVIEW: More people have mobile phones in Africa than at any point in history. Mobile health (m-health), the use of mobile phones to support the delivery of health services, has expanded in recent years.