Piette, John D

[CYTED-RITMOS network: toward the search for solutions to promote mobile health in Latin America].

Publication Date: 
Jun 07, 2017

The area of mobile technologies applied to health (mHealth) is a growing worldwide trend that has generated enormous expectations for the mitigation of problems related to medical services delivery and public health stemming from a lack of resources and the limited number of specialists.

Pilot study of enhanced social support with automated telephone monitoring after psychiatric hospitalization for depression.

Publication Date: 
Oct 26, 2016

BACKGROUND: Following discharge, patients hospitalized for depression are at high risk for poor retention in outpatient care and adverse outcomes.

AIMS: Pilot tests a post-hospital monitoring and enhanced support program for depression.

Interactive Voice Response-An Innovative Approach to Post-Stroke Depression Self-Management Support.

Publication Date: 
Jul 10, 2016

Automated interactive voice response (IVR) call systems can provide systematic monitoring and self-management support to depressed patients, but it is unknown if stroke patients are able and willing to engage in IVR interactions.

Patient-Centered Pain Care Using Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Health Tools: Protocol for a Randomized Study Funded by the US Department of Veterans Affairs Health Services Research and Development...

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Publication Date: 
Apr 08, 2016

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most effective treatments for chronic low back pain. However, only half of Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) patients have access to trained CBT therapists, and program expansion is costly. CBT typically consists of 10 weekly hour-long sessions.

Mobile Health Devices as Tools for Worldwide Cardiovascular Risk Reduction and Disease Management.

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Publication Date: 
Nov 24, 2015

We examined evidence on whether mobile health (mHealth) tools, including interactive voice response calls, short message service, or text messaging, and smartphones, can improve lifestyle behaviors and management related to cardiovascular diseases throughout the world.

A study of mobile phone use among patients with noncommunicable diseases in La Paz, Bolivia: implications for mHealth research and development.

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Publication Date: 
Jul 04, 2015

BACKGROUND: While global momentum supporting mobile health (mHealth) research and development is increasing, it is imperative to assess the potential fit of mHealth programs in local settings.