Vijaykumar, Santosh

A Social Media mHealth Solution to Address the Needs of Dengue Prevention and Management in Sri Lanka.

Publication Date: 
Jul 02, 2016

BACKGROUND: Sri Lanka has witnessed a series of dengue epidemics over the past five years, with the western province, home to the political capital of Colombo, bearing more than half of the dengue burden.

Baseline Evaluation of a Participatory Mobile Health Intervention for Dengue Prevention in Sri Lanka.

Publication Date: 
Jul 13, 2016

Challenges posed by infectious disease outbreaks have led to a range of participatory mobile phone-based innovations that use the power of crowdsourcing for disease surveillance. However, the dynamics of participatory behavior by crowds in such interventions have yet to be examined.

A 21st century approach to tackling dengue: Crowdsourced surveillance, predictive mapping and tailored communication.

Journal Title: 
Publication Date: 
Jan 06, 2016

This paper describes a social media system to prevent dengue in Sri Lanka and potentially in the rest of the South and Southeast Asia regions. The system integrates three concepts of public health prevention that have thus far been implemented only in silos.